Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs: A New Summer Staple

June 3, 2021
Summer is finally here and you can smell it in the air. The trees are full of leaves and most of us have stopped sneezing every time we leave the house. Our cars are no longer covered in translucent green and yellow dust. Neighborhoods are starting to take on the smell of freshly mowed grass. Evening ball games conclude with a hint of sunscreen and bug spray. Folks are opening their pools, hosing down their gardens, and breaking out their grills, filling the air with perhaps the most sacred summer scent of all: cooking hot dogs.
Hot dogs are the summer staple in America - and for good reason. They're delicious! You can get them practically anywhere (poolside, ball game, even COSTCO), but I believe they taste best when served hot off the grill in your own backyard. Or your buddy's backyard. When you can pick which ones you want, how you want them cooked, and what's inside them (goodbye added nitrates!).

We recently took a trip to Harris Teeter in Denver to do a little shopping and we brought home these Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs. 

Do you ever feel like you are playing tug-of-war between feeding your kids something you know is good for them and buying them something they actually want to eat? I like that Coleman Natural uses all-natural beef that was raised on American family farms that never use antibiotics or growth hormones. I also love that that these hot dogs have no artificial ingredients or fillers and have about half the amount of sodium of some other brands, which means even the heart-conscious consumer can indulge once in a while. So I can feel good about what I'm putting on the table and know that my picky eaters (of all ages) will happily gobble it up without complaint. 

So break out your grill and sweep off your porch because school is out and we're grilling up some hot dogs to celebrate! You can find Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs at Ingles or Harris Teeter in Denver, Morganton, Lincolnton, and Granite Falls. 

I received compensation in exchange for my honest review of Coleman Natural All Beef Uncured Hot Dogs.

Happy Grilling Season!